Pocari Sweat Lose to Live Run Together


Pocari Sweat is healthy drink which is well-known in Japan. We are the leader in the innovation of rehydration drink, and proudly present our owned City Run, under the concept of “Lose to Live Run Together เติมให้พอ…วิ่งต่อให้เต็มที่ กับโพคารี่สเวท”

Began the fun run at Stadium One, the Sport Community and run through the routes around that area. There are 2 types of run which are Fun Run for 5 km. and Mini Marathon for 10 km.

The event was held on 25th November 2018 with the objectives of;

– To donate a part of registration fee to Thai Red Cross
– To provide the event that support people to have better healthy by running
– To recommend the right ways to exercise to participants
– To educate participants about the importance of rehydration