The Story of Pocari Sweat

About 40 years ago, an Otsuka researcher with a dream of developing an unprecedented new beverage was on a business trip to Mexico, when he was hospitalized due to diarrhea.

The doctor told him to make sure he got enough water and nutrition, but just gave him a regular carbonated drink. This led the researcher to think how much better it would be if he had an easy-to-drink beverage that could supply both the water and nutrients he needed.

Also, the same researcher saw a doctor drinking a pouch of I.V. solution to rehydrate himself after finishing surgery; it was this that gave him the idea for a drinkable I.V. solution.

With Otsuka being a leading company in the I.V. solutions business, the researcher had the expertise and resources to turn his idea into a reality, and so began to develop a beverage that could replenish the water and electrolytes (ions) lost while sweating during daily activities.

Through this work, the Otsuka researchers discovered that there are different kinds of sweat. They also found that the concentration of salt in sweat excreted during everyday activities is lower than in sweat produced during sports activities.

Based on these findings, the researchers tried to create a beverage to replenish body fluid after regular everyday perspiration. However, it was quite bitter, and did not taste good.

Using a process of trial and error, the researchers came up with over 1,000 test products, but the taste was still not satisfactory.

Then, on mixing a trial rehydration drink with a citrus powder juice, they found that the bitter taste was gone, and a great tasting beverage was born. 

The research continued, and finally two test products were prepared: one with high sugar content and one with low sugar content. At that time, sweet juice-style beverages were the norm.

However, in order to test the product concept of a drink that tastes great, and especially after sweating, the researchers did not rely on their common sense – in fact, one of them actually climbed a mountain to try out the test products for himself. Doing so, he realized that the lightly sweetened test product was easier to drink, and it was this field test that determined the final taste decision.

Pocari Sweat Around the World

Developed with the concept of being a beverage that replaces electrolytes and water lost to sweat. It is now well-known and sold in over 20 countries and regions* worldwide.

* As of December 2017

Pocari Sweat in Thailand

Pocari Sweat was officially launched in Thailand, both in 350PET and 500PET, in order to meet consumers’ need who seek for rehydration drink with fast absorption for their sweating or any daily active activities.

So, Pocari Sweat is healthy drink that helps rehydrate and absorbed faster because it has the closest components to body’s natural fluids. Besides, Pocari Sweat can be longer resisted in the body. So you can feel ultimately refreshing once after drinking. Last but not least, Pocari Sweat can be consumed anytime during the day.

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